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In this narrative I discuss the following:

I charge $350 for toilet cleanout in most cases. My highest price for toilet cleanout is $500. But generally, I charge $350. When I do charge $500 for a toilet cleanout, it's because the toilet has piles of use toilet paper, liquid and dried feces and hearing to the sides of the toilet in the toilet seat, and liquid and dried feces on the floor below.

Other considerations raising a toilet cleanout from $350-$500 include poor parking, lack electricity and running water, boarded up windows, broken glass and litter on a floor, in a neighborhood with its own security concerns.

I know that toilet cleanout services as found here are hard to find. There are some plumbing companies that will do toilet cleanout, but the prefer to refer to this type of work to specialized cleaning companies like my own. Before I began work in the feces cleanup field, and "add-on" to my biohazard cleanup company activities, I had not considered adding an additional feces cleanup related service, toilet cleanout. In fact, I didn't even know that toilet cleanout issues were needed. I then met a plumber who knew about a certain kind of toilet issue that involved horrific human feces toilet cleanout requirements.

My plumber friend, "Bob," said that he had 15 years experience as a plumber. He had also done toilet cleanout work in addition to his plumbing work. He said that he generally charge $350-$500 per toilet. Bob did not show me how to clean out one of these toilets, but he did tell me what he had done in the past. What he did in the past was both ethically and morally wrong. In any case, I have learned about the need for a human feces toilet cleanout service in Becky. I had also learned how to price this very special type of cleaning.

Since I added toilet cleanout services in 2012, I have learned that the toilet cleanout job will have more similarities than differences to other toilet cleanout jobs. However, no toilet cleanout's are exactly alike. And this is the case for a matter will beyond the scope of this narrative.

Toilet clean out services as described here begin at $350 per toilet. Under some circumstances the fee could be less, but I do not care to offer this service for less up front. Generally, expect to pay a minimum of $350 for one toilet cleanout.

When more than one toilet cleanout is required, then it's possible that I may charge anywhere from $500 to $600 for the two. It depends on the overall circumstances.

What sort of circumstances may lead to a price decrease for toilet cleanout service?

Suppose I find one toilet that's completely full of human feces and another that may only have toilet paper and perhaps half a gallon of human feces present. In a case like this a may consider reducing the price. For all practical purposes, expect to pay $500-$600 for two toilets.

In some circumstances, or feces is poured onto the floor below the toilet seat alongside the toilet itself, consideration will be given to the additional cleaning. Although, I may include the overall cost the cleaning out one or more toilets for feces cleanup around the toilet, but it remains to be seen considering all the other conditions of the toilet cleanout service.

Who and what I service.

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Home owners
  • Renters
  • Feces filled toilets
  • Feces filled bathtubs
  • Feces filled pails
  • Feces soiled carpet
  • Human feces cleanup
  • Dog feces cleanup
  • Cat feces cleanup
  • Rat feces cleanup
  • Mice feces cleanup
  • Bird feces cleanup

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Here's another toilet cleanout web page for more information.

Southern California Toilet Cleanout Prices

I expect cash payment except in special circumstances.

I charge a minimum of $350 per toilet cleanout. If you called for this toilet feces cleanout service you know already why I charge hundreds of dollars. My prices are often negotiable when additional work is required.

Here's a quick breakdown of my services and prices:

Toilet Cleanout: $350 ($500 for special circumstances)

Toilet Removal: $25

Toilet Disposal: $35

Bathtub Cleanout: $10 to $900

Feces soiled carpet removal: $200 per room

Feces filled pail disposal: $25 (if plumbing works if in additon to a toilet cleanout service)

When doing a toilet cleanout I may find anyone of a number of situations. I may find a toilet full of human feces to be cleaned out that is full of water. On the flipside, I may find a toilet cleanout for human feces that has turned into a rocklike substance. This happens whenever water is turned off in a residence and people use the toilet.

After a while, without water, the human feces begins to dry out. In such cases it must literally be shoveled. Sometimes it's necessary to remove the entire toilet after toilet cleanout work. I say this because toilet cleanout may take place while cleaning out some of the feces is next to impossible without breaking the toilet.

Toilet Removal

At times I include toilet removal service along with my toilet cleanout service. This comes at an additional charge of $25. I charge an additional $30 for toilet disposal. So when a business or homeowner wishes to have a toilet cleanout service along with toilet removal and disposal, if he comes to about $410 for toilet cleanout, toilet removal, and toilet disposal.

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Bathtub Cleanout Service Fee

My bathtub cleanup services usually part of a bathroom feces cleanup that includes the toilet. I called the bathtub feces cleanup service and "add-on" to my toilet feces cleanup service. This because sometimes the toilet runoff goes into the bathtub when the abuser runs out of room. Sometimes this additional cleaning is quite simple and quick, but I choose to charge forward in any case. The service then runs anywhere from $10-$900 per bathtub feces cleanup job. I never know what to charge until I see the job, and any case.

My experience tells me that a bathtub can be filled nearly to the brim with feces. In this case it may will cost more than $900 to clean and it may have become solid like rock, in which case it may cost more than $900 to clean.

Although I used to do a quick bathtub cleanup for very minimal feces contamination without charging, this is proven to be a mistake.


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Questions I Ask

  • Are there pets?
  • Are there pails of feces?
  • Are there inhabitants and if so, who and when?
  • In what city is service needed?
  • Is there parking?
  • Is there electricity and running water?
  • Is the building boarded?
  • Is it possible to begin early?
  • Is this work requested by an inhabitant, a family member, a real estate company, a social welfare organization?
  • Who will pay and how?
  • Who will meet me at the door?

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What to Expect

  1. Expect me to arrive promptly. I leave very early in the morning to avoid traffic as much as possible. Doing so places me at my destination 1 to 2 hours before work begins. Once I have seen the location I go to a Home Depot and buy supplies or simply sit in the parking lot and read. I may also go to a restaurant and eat breakfast. When it's near time to arrive at the job site, I leave plenty of time to knock on the door as close to the prescribed hours possible.
  2. As of this writing, I'm probably about 99.5% punctual for my 17 years in the infectious waste cleanup business.
  3. Expect the cost of all cleaning chemicals to be covered by my service charge.
  4. Expect me to use the sanitary sewer to dispose of feces, and when this is not possible, I may remove the feces in black plastic bags for treatment and disposal. There is an additional fee for this service. So if you sanitary sewer is clogged expect to pay additional disposal fees.


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Feces Cleanup Health Issues

There's a number of health issues related to feces cleanup work. We know that there are at least 6000 viruses in human feces, and not all these viruses are peculiar to each person. For example, every single person on this planet has viruses in their mouth that are unique to their mouth. This means that nobody else as the same virus. So although we may have more similarities in viruses as well as bacteria in our feces, in terms of viruses, we may have some unique viruses and these could be health hazards.

Generally, hepatitis C is the more serious issue for cleaning up feces. Then there are more general, community health hazards relating to feces in terms of water pollution and cholera. There's more on this website related to bacteria and viruses and health hazards.

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