Orange County Poop Cleanup Narrative - - Eddie Evans


What I need to know

Here's a few questions that I ask on the telephone.

  • Can you e-mail me?
  • Is parking available?
  • How many occurrences of poop excretion occurred, approximately, how long??
  • Who will pay?
  • Who will meet me at the door?
  • What time can work begin?
  • Will pets be in the house during cleaning?
  • On what floor is the poop cleanup task in what room or rooms?
  • Is water and electricity available?
  • Will you need a copy of my W-9 and insurance papers?

Orange County Poop Cleaning Prices

For Orange County poop cleanup in residential and business settings, the following factors influence my prices:

  • Distance to work site plays a big part in my price, but since I'm an Orange County resident I've been able to keep my prices steady at $250 per Orange County poop cleanup task. For other counties in California my prices are higher because of the time and cost involved for any one poop cleanup site.
  • Availability of water and electricity remains important. If I must provide electricity and water my overall cost must rise.
  • Conditions found on a work site influence my willingness to work for $250 because of physical hazards as well as biohazards and infectious waste. Any time human blood is involved in a poop cleanup task it becomes a biohazard cleanup. However, I do not always add biohazard cleanup fees when blood is apparent in human poop; it's a judgement call for the poop cleanup task at hand. If I must use a ladder or go into a building my fees will increase dramatically. In many cases I will not use a ladder or go under building. If I work in a closed-end space it is hard to reach I will charge more. If I must carry equipment and cleaning supplies a long distance, I will charge more.
  • Time of day and day of week come into play for my price considerations because traveling across to Orange County today becomes a nightmare during the rush hours. Plus, during non-rush-hour travel it's not uncommon to find near gridlock conditions because of accidents, construction, or law enforcement activities on the side of the road. In the last 30 years orange counties traffic congestion has grown mightily as it has in other counties like Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, in San Diego County.

Our Willingness to pay for a Orange County poop cleanup

Orange County poop cleanup prices reflect my cost of doing business for what amounts to a small profit at the end of the year. Some people believe that my prices are way too high, and others are more than happy to pay my price and consider it low.

Why these differences?

Our discretionary income and our perception of poop cleanup influence our willingness to hire a poop cleanup company. For a thriving and growing business, $250 does not amount to much of an expense. Companies pay much more for other services. Plus, eventually a company may pass the cost onto customers. For individuals paying a poop cleanup fee, it's another matter. Both income and cultural conditioning influence their decision making.

Culturally, we learn a stigma related to poop cleanup. We learn early in childhood that poop is "dirty" and "filthy." Besides, "it stinks." At another time and place we would not give a second thought to removing human, dog, cat, bird, rat, mouse poop. Poop would be more of a recognized substance in our daily lives, rather than hidden; it would not cause a sense of shame. Even to this day we find that in some places people continue to use human poop as a fertilizer. This is especially true with North Korea, I'm told.

In any case, in United States, We are trained to remove poop from our environment with water by flushing it into someplace underground, far from site, far from mind, far from detection as it relates to ourselves. So this cultural conditioning will play some part in both business and residential poop cleanup business dealings.

So poop is the last thing we want in our working world outside of the toilet. And even going to the toilet carries a bit of embarrassed feelings, especially when others see us exiting a toilet stall.

We know these emotional responses to one of our most private behaviors carries powerful taboos in some groups. So it's only natural that employees in Orange County would not want to do poop cleanup as part of their employment. Janitors do it in restrooms, but they do not generally remove human poop apart from a toilet. So for employees, being assigned to a poop cleanup task places one lower on the employment hierarchy relative to fellow employees. Then employees must live with the knowledge and experience of being the one person assigned poop cleanup tasks; not many people sign on for this designation.

Employers are reluctant to assign poop cleanup tasks to their employees just as they're reluctant to assign blood cleanup tasks to their employees. Poop cleanup creates a sense debasement in the eyes of others; blood cleanup creates a sense of horror in the eyes of others. In both situations employees may expect to look for different employment.

Orange County Poop Cleanup Expenses

My cleaning expenses do not include a retirement plan, a vacation set-aside, health care, and so on. Here's my expenses for running my poop cleanup business:

  1. Marketing - Marketing costs more than any other factor to run my business. I must ensure that people in need of poop cleanup services find me easily. From every Orange County city and surrounding counties my business needs to come up at the top or near the top of search pages found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Otherwise, I receive too few calls. So I spend hundreds of hours pounding out Internet web site content as here. I spend thousands of dollars on Internet domain names, computer software for writing, building web sites and related software. And I must spend tons of money on Internet hosting for it all. Did I mention computers and electricity?
  2. Vehicles - I keep 3 vehicles to ensure that I have what I need for any one Orange County poop cleanup task. So I must ensure 3 vehicles, buy tires, pay for maintenance, pay for mechanical work, gas and oil,
  3. Insurance - I must carry vehicle insurance and business insurance; I carry towing insurance; my business insurance has a biohazard cleanup endorsement for poop cleanup involving human blood.
  4. Taxes

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Cleaning Experience

No, it's not rocket science for sure, but it does require a willingness to see the job through.

I have over 17 years of infectious waste cleanup experience, which primarily involve biohazard cleanup work. However, poop cleanup is not biohazardous and must there's blood in the poop.

I have worked at biohazard cleanup in 24 states cleaning after homicides, suicides, unattended death, and poop cleanup. I've flown from Long Beach airport to Dulles International Airport in Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia international Airport, Seattle Washington international Airport, and a few other airports.

I've driven across country to Washington DC on my way did blood cleanup work in Colorado and one suicide cleanup in Kansas. In Washington DC I did a homicide cleanup for for homicide victims. Needless to say, poop cleanup fits within my domain of cleaning experiences, skills, abilities, and knowledge.

I clean a four-story building in Fresno that once served as a pickle factory. It had been abandoned and as a result Windows were broken by teenagers from a nearby high school. Thousands of pigeons at nested in the building and my task involved removing tons of pigeon poop.

Likewise, I removed poop from mice infestations in a New Mexico ranger station, which carried the heading of "hot to virus cleanup."

I once clean cat poop from the house in Mesa, Arizona in which a lady lived with a dozen cats. She did not cleanup their poop which became my task. I can go on and on with the stories to help explain my experience at poop cleanup.

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Poop's Germs

It was not by accident that human beings learned to wash their hands to fight disease. Before the germ theory of disease arose in the late 19th century, humanity believed that evil spirits, karma, or miasma were responsible for causing illness and disease. Miasma, incidentally, was the theory that said disease was generally caused by bad air. Interestingly, many people still do not believe in the germ theory of disease. It takes science a long time to filter through human consciousness world wide.

It was Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur that came up with the germ theory of disease.

Poop is responsible for carrying germs and these germs are responsible for causing disease. Human poop carries at least 6000 known viruses. Bird poop a flu virus that seems to easily transmuted into a human virus for causing the flu. I have dealt with this flu more than once.

The "black plague" killed about one third of the human population in Europe during the 13th century. It returned a few more times throughout history and included a population as far off as the British Isles. The plague was carried by rats in their urine which often travel upon their poop. This is the same mechanism at work in the dispersal of the junta virus by mice in the tri-state areas of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

As a result of their research sewer systems, water systems, and flush toilets help improve our sanitary conditions with the idea the germ theory of disease in the back of our minds.

A downside of the theory of disease was that discovering bacteria in human poop reinforces the idea that poop is dangerous and dirty. It is true that human poop is dirty and dangerous, but it is also useful. When used correctly, it can be used as a fertilizer and even to produce methane for power. Otherwise, human poop can easily contaminate food and water causing people become deadly sick quickly.

Overall, human beings have adapted to many of the bacteria and human poop and on the flip side, many of the microbes, germs, and human poop have adapted to living in people. These bacteria include those associated with cholera, typhoid fever which is associated with salmonella, a real problem for Orange County restaurants. Clostridium difficile causes great harm and hospitals and becomes harder to fight as time passes. Apparently this germ mutates and adapts to its new environment as new and more lethal cleaning agents are used.


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