Call Eddie Evans for your Los Angeles County poop cleanup service needs. Sometimes when occupied I need to return your call. I do return calls.

Possibly you've already searched the Internet for up to an hour looking for somebody to remove your Los Angeles County poop cleanup issue. And if you have you know already that finding somebody to do this service seems impossible, at least for a reasonable price. So you have mixed feelings when you came to my Los Angeles County poop cleanup page and saw the "$250 cash" offer to clean. You feel relieved that you found somebody that's willing to do the work, but you had mixed feelings because for most people, $250 is not "chump change." It serious money these days. It's a shame to spend it on poop cleanup, but what else can you do?

And I'm well aware that it seems like an awful lot of money for poop cleanup. The fact is, most people that hire me for their poop cleanup needs and search for Los Angeles County poop cleanup services and know that I most likely their last hope. I know this because I've been in the business for over 17 years. My name is Eddie Evans.

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Los Angeles County Poop Cleanup Prices -

I repeat this over and over to the point of being excessively redundant: for the one hour of labor I provide included with my service fee, I do not work beyond the needed time to remove the poop for which I'm hired to remove. I am not hired to clean the bathroom, to clean the kitchen, to clean a floor. With that said, sometimes when I have time, energy, and the motivation, I will clean either part or an entire floor or a family in need of such service. Otherwise, I do not work beyond the needed time to remove the poop.

So, if I complete the poop cleanup task within three minutes, then that's what you pay for, $250 for my labor to remove poop in three minutes.

Like almost all businesses in Los Angeles County, I have a bunch of expenses related to the business world as well as my own special business set up. As a cleaning company I must pay for the following in addition to typical business expenses:

  • Vehicle maintenance: tires, oil, tuneups, and ongoing mechanical expenses
  • Vehicle expenses related to gasoline and insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Tools, equipment, cleaning chemicals

Consider the cost of cleaning chemicals for poop cleanup. I basically donate these to you are poop cleanup task without asking for reimbursement. I use the best cleaning chemicals I can find to remove the poop and then disinfect. In most cases I carry the poop away with me to discard in a safe manner. On very large Los Angeles County poop cleanup jobs I may need to leave the poop for pickup by the resident or business collection process.

When I must supply water I charge for hauling the water, not the cost of the water. Water bottles are heavy when carried in 5 gallon containers, which is a must for the poop cleanup business. Without adequate water cleaning becomes very expensive because only chemicals will lift and remove the sound material.

Telephone expenses

Marketing – the greatest of all Los Angeles County poop cleanup expenses is marketing. Although most people do not realize it, to successfully market on the Internet requires that a cleaning company pay for pay per click advertising to reach and remain at the top of the search page, or great expenses to pay for what we call "organic ranking." Organic ranking for Los Angeles County poop cleanup is the oldest type of ranking on the Internet. For this type of ranking a poop cleanup webpage must be "optimize." Optimize a page for poop cleanup requires a lot of time.

Content writing is probably the biggest expense for creating webpages for marketing purposes. So when somebody pays $250 for poop cleanup, their pain for much more than the apparent cost of somebody doing this infamous sort of work.


Equipment may include a generator to provide light or a floor scrubber. I rarely use floor scrubbers anymore because somebody stole my floor scrubber. So I scrub floors by hand. But a generator is necessary at times for providing light and using a vacuum.

I often use a wet dry vacuum to remove water in feces, especially on toilet cleanups. See my page 4 toilet clean out work if that's what you're interested in. It costs much more than the typical Los Angeles County poop cleanup job. (return)

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Who Hires Me -

Businesses hire me because they do not or cannot ask their employees to do poop cleanup work. Most employees will not do it anyway. In those employees that are either intimidated into doing it or coached into doing it for a fprice gain hard feelings over the matter. Other employee soon begin to joke about the poop cleanup technician in their midst. Plus there's a stigma attached to poop cleanup work, which we learn from history. So I received the call to do business poop cleanup work throughout Los Angeles County.

Families call me to clean up after an elderly person who is lost control of their bowel movements. As we grow older we have accidents more often, not so unlike when we were very young and had accidents. It is not uncommon for the elderly, which constitutes most the baby boomers these days, poop accidents happen more often. In the early morning hours when going into the bathroom to defecate, sometimes the elderly begin to poop before the reached the toilet. Or they reached the toilet and then do their business, and unsuspecting Lee, they discover that they were not done.

Frequently enough, in acts, it's not so uncommon for the homeless to poop on a business doorstep. Or they may poop next to the back door, or in some other way find a way to the poop behind to show the disrespect for the business.

And then there's the case of illnesses. Sometimes when people have diarrhea the poop when they least expect it. It may be too sick to clean up. They may not have anybody in the home willing to do this work. It may be that their discretionary income is so nice that they don't even need to consider doing this type of work. He simply go to the computer and do a search and find me. At least, sometimes they are lucky and go straight to my website.

Government agencies or those private businesses serving as adjuncts to government agencies for welfare recipients, may hire me to clean after their clients. Their clients often include the elderly to sick, too weak to care for themselves. The clients may include the mentally ill. Or they may have had almost poop on their parking lot and they need somebody to clean it up. No they do not like partying with the money, but somebody must do that work so they find me.

What I Do

A Los Angeles County poop cleanup begins shortly after I arrive. I hand my poop cleanup card to the responsible party, view the poop cleanup work to be completed, and then return to my truck for the needed cleaning supplies.

I arrive at the Los Angeles County poop cleanup scene on time in most cases. I usually arrive on the day following the telephone requests. In genuine emergencies will make an effort to clean on the same day, but this is difficult because of acts traffic congestion. It's almost impossible to go anywhere in Southern California these days without encountering massive traffic jams repeatedly in any direction and almost on any day of the week.

It seems that the only time one can travel in Los Angeles County is early Sunday morning before sunrise. And then there's a high probability that the traveler will run into some sort of construction project. So I always try to leave after midnight and arrived very early. I drive by the seem to be clean, and then find a Home Depot restaurant to hang out until cleaning time. In this way I'm sure to be punctual. In this way I'm sure, usually, he hit that heavy traffic on the way home and not on the way to the job. In any case, if I do hit heavy traffic on the way to the job at least I have plenty of time to arrive on time.


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Los Angeles County Cities Serviced - (return) - - See below cities for distance to Bell poop cleanup from other cities and counties. Call any time for Los Angeles County poop cleanup service appointments.

Agoura Hill
Arcadia to Artesia
Avalon presents another type of poop cleanup problem. Here it's traveling on the Pacific Ocean as well s the freeway system for poop cleanup work. Island poop cleanup is beyond my experience.
Azusa poop cleanup leads to heavy congestion on both the 605 freeway and then on the 210 Freeway.

Baldwin Park
Bell Gardens Bell takes about 45 minutes to reach on a good day. It's worth it for a Bellflower poop cleanup job to make the trip, but for a San Fernando poop cleanup job the drive hardly makes sense at the wrong time of day. A poop cleanup early Sunday morning makes more sense, but a poop cleanup at rush hour makes no sense. for even a
Beverly Hills poop cleanup job.

Bradbury - - From Burbank to Calabasas
Culver City
Diamond Bar

El Monte
El Segundo
Gardena Generates next to nothing and poop cleanup services. End of population density is an indicator of poop cleanup services, we would expect more from Glendale Residents who number over 192,000. One time middle-class cities like Downey rapidly declined to a low middle class to working class income level as the aerospace industry declined and moved away. As a result we find little poop cleanup service needs in this area.
Hawaiian Gardens
Hermosa Beach
Hidden Hills remains hidden for poop cleanup work because of its small population.

Huntington Park has such a poor median income it has little discretionary income for poop cleanup services.
La Cañada Flintridge
La Habra Heights
La Mirada
La Puente
La Verne
Long Beach
Los Angeles As about 465,000 residents, which should generate more poop cleanup work, but it does not. This tells me that Long Beach as far fewer people willing to pay for poop cleanup work.Likewise with Lynwood.
Manhattan Beach
Monterey Park
Palos Verdes Estates
Pico Rivera
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills Estates
Rolling Hills
San Dimas

San Gabriel
San Marino
Santa Clarita
Santa Fe Springs
Santa Monica
Sierra Madre
Signal Hill
South Gate

Stevenson Ranch
Temple City


Walnut Park
West Covina
West Hollywood
Westlake Village


Counties serviced for poop cleanup:

Los Angeles County - Orange County - Riverside County - San Bernardino County - San Diego County