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Most people cannot imagine a toilet filled with human feces or any type of feces for that matter. But it happens and it happens more frequently than we might imagine. In my experience the type of people who fill the toilet with human feces belong to a homeless population using a residence the way any group of squatters might use a residence. Because the electricity and running water may be off, they cannot flush the toilet. As a result the fill the toilet with their own human feces. Over time the toilet begins to overflow city begin to use the bathtub.

In this situation these visitors may begin to use pails placed in the corner of bedrooms and even living rooms. They use these PALs to poop into and sometimes even cover with a border piece of plastic to cut down on the odor. They may dump these pails contents into the bathtub and thereby fill the bathtub with feces. Or, some people are known to just simply poop into the toilet until it is filled and then begin using pails and other rooms.

Now with all of this said, there is an entirely different circumstance leading to the same outcomes. The circumstances begin with orders. For example, for some reason among elderly women who usually alone and home for decades, they feel there toilet with poop because they either cannot afford a plumber, or they wait too long before calling a plumber. Plumbers will not work on a toilet filled with poop. These ladies do not know about toilet cleanout services, and they may not be able to afford it anyway.

Over time these ladies begin to use pails dashed and bedrooms just like squatters do. If the patio and backyard are available, they begin to place these feces field pails behind the fences.

Mental Health Feces Cleanup Issues

Now, another circumstance arises similar to the two above, but with the mentally ill. In my experience, not to be sexes, but to be factual, I found that schizophrenic women have a propensity to do as I have found above human feces, plus, the save the use toilet paper. I'm not quite sure why schizophrenic women have shown a propensity to save the use toilet paper, but any number of times on a feces cleanup job I have found stacks of toilet paper soiled by human feces. My first such job was on an unattended death for a schizophrenic lady who had died alone.

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The Victorville, California family hired me to perform an unattended death cleanup upon the bed she had died. But as it turned out, she was also hoarding in mice and moved into her home. I found her scalp scattered throughout the home and one bathroom sink and in various cupboards as I also did a hoarding cleanup. So on this one job I did an unattended death cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and feces cleanup for various areas of the home. On her bathroom countertop she had stacked use toilet paper as if she were a child building a castle on a beach using sand. To top it off, her toilets were topped off with feces.

Not to change the subject but in line with the theme here, I once did a hoarding cleanup job in Laguna Beach, California. The home was occupied by a in orange County, California attorney and she had a drinking problem. As a result she hoarded brand-new objects pot at local malls. For example, she had four brand-new irons as well as three or four juice machines. She had many dozens of vodka bottles they had not been opened and many more that had. She had cats. The cats ran free and pooped just about anywhere a cat could dump its feces. Even the chimney fireplace was full Poop. In corners of the kitchen the Poop reached 3 feet high where, apparently the mistress of the home had swept the cat feces.

Shocking as it may seem, I actually did a refrigerator feces cleanup on this one hoarding cleanup. As it turned out, I and others surmise, the ladies cats poop under kitchen sink. The lady came home from the supermarket and placed her frozen food upon the sink. She would then drink to oblivion and then place her frozen food in the freezer. The frozen food had become stuck to the cat feces in the two were joined in a freezer tomb together. I remove the refrigerator from the home and with it in the sunlight, commenced to hosing it out and that's when I discovered the heavy feces debris stuck to very expensive stakes. So here's a lady that had quite an income and it was being wasted on drink.

But the whole point of this short story is what I learned on this job. This lady had been storing her use toilet paper on the bathroom countertop. She had created small fortresses of paper stuck together with feces, and this was the first time I threw up on any cleaning job. Mind you I had cleaned up unattended death numerous times before I ever threw up as I did on this job. To this day human feces is the one substance that causes me to gag if not throw up.

Imagine that.

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